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Single, Multiple, Full Mouth Implants, Teeth in a Day, Zygomatic Implants, Wisdom Teeth and Difficult Extractions

Smile Makeovers, Tooth Straightening & Tooth Whitening

Improving skin tone and removing wrinkles

Dedicated to Correcting Crooked Teeth & Improving Facial Development

CHAO Pinhole Surgery, Gum Plastic Surgery, Tongue and Lip Tie Release, Lip Repositioning Surgery

Dr. Samintharaj KUMAR is a General Dental Surgeon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nuffield Dental Holdings Private Limited.


He is particularly interested and adept in all advanced aspects of Dental Implantology, All on 4/ Teeth in a Day, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Periodontal Plastic Surgery and Digital Cosmetic Smile Design for Smile Makeovers.

My Blog

I am an individual motivated by the pursuit of perfection. This extends to all aspects of my clinical knowledge, expertise and personal interests. My approach to a problem is understanding the cause before using my experience to solve it. For some interesting cases, I write a blog to describe my thoughts.

The pursuit of perfection with
commitment to excellence.

Dr Samintharaj Kumar

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