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Smile Design


As we age, our teeth can chip, crack or become discoloured. Additionally, many of us suffer from minor malocclusion, crowding or unsightly gaps between teeth. Though in many cases these minor dental flaws don’t negatively affect a person’s oral health, they can have a real and lasting impact on that person’s confidence and self-esteem. Your smile is important - it leaves a lasting impression on others and can have a direct effect on your social and personal life. 

With porcelain veneers I can mask these minor cosmetic imperfections to revitalise the smile. These tooth-shaped dental prosthetics, roughly the thickness of an egg shell, are placed on the surfaces of the front teeth to act as a façade, masking flaws while creating a uniform, natural and healthy appearance.

I have a keen interest in Smile Makeovers and will work closely with you to help you realise your dream smile.


Porcelain veneers are usually one of the principal components in a “Smile Makeover”  procedure. They can be used to change the length, shade and even the feel of your teeth whilst removing minimal tooth structure. Porcelain veneers are essentially porcelain laminates, thin shells of porcelain bonded onto the front side of the teeth – almost like an acrylic thumbnail. As the amount of tooth structure needed to be removed is considerably less than that of the conventional crowns, porcelain veneers are an excellent means of correcting problems of stained, discoloured, chipped and slightly crooked teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding

If you’re feeling conscious of the gaps in your teeth or a chipped tooth then cosmetic bonding is the choice for you. Bonding is used in limited cases to reshape individual teeth, close very small gaps and repair any slight defects, such as chipped teeth. The material is chosen to match the colour translucency and consistency of your natural teeth and is then moulded to the desired shape, before being set in place using an ultra violet light. This dental procedure is completed over a single appointment.

Dental Laboratory Used

It is critical that as a cosmetic dentist, the best dental laboratory is used to enhance all aspects of the patient journey. Especially in terms of planning and execution. I prefer the use of MC Ceramics Private Singapore and they are testimony to the sterling work that is done at NUFFIELD DENTAL CLINICS.

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