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Advancements in Sinus Lift Procedures: The Role of Densah Burs

Sinus lift procedures play a vital role in dental implantology, enabling dentists to overcome challenges related to insufficient bone height in the maxillary sinus region. Recently I used a new kit to treat by patients and I wanted to share how I used Densah burs to contribute to enhanced surgical outcomes for my patient.

Minimally Invasive Techniques:

Advancements in sinus lift procedures have led to minimally invasive techniques that reduce post-operative discomfort and recovery time. Densah burs, with their precise cutting capabilities, facilitate minimally invasive sinus lift surgeries, ensuring less trauma to the surrounding tissues and faster healing.

Enhanced Bone Grafting:

The use of Densah burs in sinus lift procedures allows for more accurate and efficient bone grafting. By providing better control over the drilling process, these burs enable dentists to create a more stable environment for bone graft materials to integrate with the existing bone structure. This leads to improved graft success rates and stronger foundations for dental implants.

Improved Patient Comfort:

Densah burs contribute to a more comfortable patient experience during sinus lift procedures. Their unique design reduces the need for multiple drill changes, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and decreasing the time required for the surgery. This, in turn, leads to reduced discomfort for the patient and a smoother recovery process.

Performing a Sinus Lift Procedure Using Densah Burs


James's journey to my practice was initiated by a recommendation from a friend, who had previously undergone successful dental treatment by me. Seeking to address his own dental concerns, he expressed the desire to restore his missing upper teeth. However, a significant lack of bone in his upper jaw presented a considerable challenge and his sinuses were enlarged due to the missing teeth and considerable time he had taken to make up his mind about coming in for treatment. Since the rest of his front teeth were sound and healthy, he did not need the All on 4/ Teeth in a Day procedure.


I suggested a sinus lift procedure using Densah burs, which are known for their precision and effectiveness in bone augmentation. Encouraged by the positive outcome experienced by his friend, James entrusted me with his care. 


The utilisation of Densah burs ensured a meticulous and gentle approach, minimising discomfort and hence would also reduce operating time and post-opereative swelling. I managed to place Zeramex XT implants in the molar regions within 5 minutes instead of taking the usual 15 minutes for conventional sinus lift surgery in my hands.

As dental implantology continues to evolve, advancements such as the use of Densah burs in sinus lift procedures can be very helpful in ensuring better patient outcomes. By focusing on minimally invasive techniques, enhanced bone grafting, and improved patient comfort, these advancements contribute to the overall success of dental implant treatments.

As a dental surgeon in Singapore, I am grateful for these developments and committed to staying updated on the latest advancements to provide the best possible care for my patients.



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