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Combining Aligner Treatment and Digital Smile Design

In our dental practice, we enhance smiles by combining orthodontic treatment with veneers. This approach is especially effective after teeth are aligned. Veneers then improve tooth color and shape for a stunning smile. We use Digital Smile Design (DSD) to ensure the final outcome meets patient expectations.

The Process

After orthodontic treatment, we start planning for veneers. Here's how it works:

  1. Evaluation: We first assess your dental health and the alignment results from orthodontics to determine the suitability for veneers.

  2. Digital Imaging: We take high-resolution images and digital scans of your teeth. This helps us understand your dental structure in detail.

  3. DSD Planning: Using DSD software, we input these images and create a digital mock-up of how veneers can enhance your smile.

  4. Patient Review: You'll review this digital preview, giving you a clear picture of the potential results. It's a collaborative step to ensure your vision aligns with the treatment plan.


  • Precision: Digital planning allows for highly accurate veneer design, tailored to your unique dental structure.

  • Integration: Veneers are designed to complement the orthodontic work, ensuring a natural and functional smile.

  • Patient Satisfaction: Seeing the planned outcome beforehand enhances understanding and satisfaction with the treatment process.

Lily's Journey

Lily came to me after her orthodontic treatment, seeking further aesthetic enhancement. Here's how I approached her case:

  1. Post-Orthodontic Assessment: I examined her aligned teeth and discussed her aesthetic goals.

  2. Digital Documentation: Next, I took detailed scans of Lily's teeth, capturing the precise post-orthodontic state.

  3. DSD Visualization: Using DSD, we crafted a digital model of Lily's future smile with veneers, considering her facial symmetry and personal preferences.

  4. Collaborative Planning: Lily reviewed the digital mock-up, and we made adjustments based on her feedback, ensuring the final plan was exactly what she envisioned.

Lily's case exemplifies the detailed planning and collaborative nature of integrating veneers post-orthodontics, leading to a beautifully enhanced smile that met all her expectations.

Merging veneers with post-orthodontic treatment through Digital Smile Design offers a tailored, patient-centered approach to smile enhancement. The detailed planning and visualisation steps ensure every patient can achieve their desired smile with confidence.

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