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Digital Smile Design

I strive towards perfection, and that is why my cases are based on Digital Smile Design concept. DSD is the concept that allows me to plan dental rehabilitation thoroughly and enable my patient to see their new smiles. When my patients see their "New Me" and, with that, their new personality, they share their most sincere emotions with me. These are the moments when I share the feeling of changing their lives to better with my patients.

I am particularly proud that the advancement in Digital Smile Design has enabled me to improve the accuracy of my results, controls them and improves communication among the dental team and with the patient. 


During your digital smile design consultation, I will evaluate your problems and inform you of various treatment options. If you wish to proceed, kindly let my team know and they will arrange a time and date for the procedure. Should you wish for a digital smile design consultation, you will need to have photographs taken, a panoramic xray, digital scans and CT scan performed for treatment planning purposes.

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