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A Synergistic Approach: Combining Genioplasty and Invisalign for Enhanced Facial Harmony

Today, I'm thrilled to share a fascinating case that highlights the power of collaborative expertise in dental and facial aesthetics. As a dental surgeon, I had the unique opportunity to work alongside a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Cheah, on a combined case involving genioplasty and Invisalign. This journey not only transformed our patient's smile but also their overall facial profile.

The Challenge:

Our patient, who we'll call Sarah, came to us with concerns about her lower facial appearance and dental alignment. She had a receding chin and her upper left lip was poorly supported by a narrowed dental arch, which not only affected her profile but also her dental health. Sarah was also experiencing discomfort and self-consciousness about her smile due to misaligned teeth.

The Collaboration:

Recognizing that Sarah's needs went beyond what a single specialty could offer, Dr. Cheah and I decided on a comprehensive treatment plan. Our goal was to address both her dental alignment issues and the aesthetic concerns of her lower face.

Phase One - Invisalign:

We started with Invisalign, a incognito approach to teeth straightening. This treatment was crucial for Sarah to achieve optimal dental alignment and prepare her for the surgical phase. Over several months, we saw remarkable improvements in her tooth alignment and bite.

Phase Two - Genioplasty:

Once Sarah's teeth were properly aligned, it was time for genioplasty - a surgical procedure to augment her chin. Dr. Cheah’s expertise in plastic surgery was instrumental in this phase. The surgery involved reshaping the chin bone to enhance Sarah's facial harmony and profile.

The Results:

The combination of Invisalign and genioplasty was transformative. Sarah's chin became more pronounced, balancing her facial features beautifully and enabled her to even more confident socially and especially for the camera. Furthermore, her newly aligned teeth complemented her facial structure, enhancing her smile and overall aesthetics.

The Power of Collaboration:

This case was a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in medical and cosmetic treatment. By combining our expertise in dental surgery and plastic surgery, we could provide Sarah with a comprehensive solution that single-specialty treatment couldn't achieve.


Sarah's journey is just one example of how combining different medical disciplines can lead to outstanding results. Whether it’s for aesthetic improvement, enhanced functionality, or both, the collaboration between dental and plastic surgery opens up new possibilities for patient care.

We are excited about the future of such collaborative approaches and look forward to bringing more such transformative stories to you. If you're considering a similar treatment or just want to explore your options, feel free to reach out to us.

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