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All on 4/ Pro Arch/

Teeth in a Day

The MALO DENTAL "All on 4 " or Pro Arch procedure is a  treatment procedure that takes advantage of the benefits of tilting posterior implants in both the upper and lower jaw. This facilitates an optimal prosthetic support for a high pressure moulded acrylic bridge that can be fabricated and functioning within just a few hours after surgery. The protocol utilises a simple guide for predictable and optimal positioning of four implants (six implants, if necessary, in the upper jaw). The All on 4 technique was pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo from Lisbon, Portugal. I first trained under Dr Paulo Malo in November 2009 and performed my first case that same month. Since then I have maintained a detailed list of all my cases and am always searching for clinical research and inventions to improve the care I can give my patients.

I have done the largest case series of Zygomatic Implants in Singapore and currently do the largest number of Nobel Biocare All on 4 Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Singapore. (verified)

Nuffield Dental is the ONLY MALO DENTAL affiliate in Singapore. MALO DENTAL is where the original All-on-4 TM was developed. Our procedure at MALO DENTAL Nuffield Dental hence follows the original design that MALO DENTAL pioneered and our patients get their customised set directly made there. With my experienced team of internationally and locally trained dental surgeons and laboratory technicians, I will guide you in your pursuit to a more fulfilling life which always begins with a better smile.

With my prior clinical medical/ surgical and dental training, I am also especially particularly interested in the rehabilitation of patients with complex medical conditions and concerns.

I have been providing the All on 4/ Teeth in a Day treatment protocol since 2009 and have to my credit a very large case series of full jaw implant treatment. My team is dedicated to this treatment modality and my clinics are specifically designed to have a recovery room facility and dental laboratory facility enabling me to provide same day teeth for your comfort.

The MALO All on 4 Protocol/ Straumann Pro Arch Treatment

These are the various situations as to when the MALO All on 4 Protocol or Straumann Pro Arch is a potential treatment option:

  1. Failing upper or lower teeth

  2. Complete full denture wearer (upper/ lower or both)

  3. Partial dentures wearer (upper/ lower or both)

  4. Combinations of the above

The treatment stages are clearly outlined below:


  • A consultation is arranged at one of our clinics with me

  • We initially assess your availability of bone for case suitability using a X-ray and discuss your main concerns.

  • A CT scan is arranged or appropriate X-rays to assess your bone quality and quantity. I will then be able to confirm the final treatment plan.

Preoperative Stage

  • A treatment coordinator will then speak to you and counsel you on the entire procedure and financial costs

  • A deposit is paid.

  • Moulds of your mouth and shade of your current and planned teeth are taken.

Day of Surgery

  • You should eat up to 4 hours before the surgery

  • Existing teeth in the required jaw are removed in a single surgical visit in the morning. A minimum of 4 dental implants are then placed immediately.


After Surgery

  • A full arch acrylic bridge is then attached in the afternoon to the 4 implants.

  • Your smile is restored on the same day.

  • Soft diet for 8 weeks.

  • Strict oral hygiene using a waterpik as advised 


Review visits

  • You will be reviewed at the 1st week, 2nd week following surgery and then monthly till 8 weeks have elapsed especially to ascertain how you keep the MALO All on 4 acrylic bridge clean.

  • An x-ray will be taken to assess the healing of your implants at 8 weeks following the surgery.

  • You will then be able to resume normal dietary habits.

  • We advise all patients to have 3-4 monthly regular visits to the hygienist and see your dentist 6 monthly.

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