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Bone Ring Technique

Planning the dental implantation assessment of jaw bone quantity and quality needs to be done. Bone augmentation procedure is necessary when existing bone is not enough to perfom the dental implantation. 

If the bone in missing tooth place for a long time has been naturally loaded, it gradually atrophies. Starts bone resorption - bone loss, which affects the height and width of the jaw. Bone augmentation – augmentation of patient's own bone or bone substitute where there is not enought bone left. During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied. On the patient's request, the operation can be performed under deep sedation.

I perform bone augmentation using several different methods.

Bone ring augmentation (Bone Ring Technique)

At NUFFIELD DENTAL a unique bone ring augmentation technique is performed. The author of this method is oral surgeon M.D. Giesenhagen Bernhard (Germany). He has conducted over 1,000 bone ring augmentations. Long-term monitoring of patients suggest that the success rate of operations is more than 98%. 

The benefits of Bone Ring Augmentation are:


  • Shorter treatment time
    The duration of treatment gets shorter up to 5 months, compared with classical bone block augmentation techniques.

  • Reduced patient‘s stress
    Bone ring augmentation is a single-stage treatment. Patients experience less stress, because there is no need to perform the second surgery.

  • Aesthetics
    Bone ring helps to achieve a particular aesthetic implantation of front teeth. Due to circular ring shape, the gums at the implanted tooth looks very natural.

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