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Pterygoid Implants

Pterygoid implants are for patients who do not have enough bone for ordinary implants. These implants are placed in the 2nd molar area of the upper jaw. The implants are anchored to the pterygomaxillary buttress of the upper jaw and allow immediate loading of the implants. With this procedure, sinus lifts and bone grafts are not performed. This can save the patient up to 6 months of treatment time using conventional sinus lift/ bone graft means.


This means a full denture wearer can have a full set of functional teeth on the very same day using Pterygoid Implants.


• A CT scan or appropriate x-rays is usually taken to ascertain bone quality and quantity

• Existing teeth in the required jaw are removed in a single surgical visit during a morning. Pterygoid implants are placed immediately.

• A full arch acrylic bridge is then attached in the afternoon to these implants.

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